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"What the hell. Everyone needs a bass player in this town." -Guzzo
Alt Country/Americana/Roots Rock Project Needs Female Lead Vox. Gas $ paid
Posted by Bernie on December 16
Newly forming Alt Country/Americana/Roots Rock band needs a solid female lead vocalist to perform the music of Lucinda Williams, Kathleen Edwards, Tift Merritt, Neko Case. Emmylou Harris, Lydia Loveless, Roseanne Cash and others. You need to be attractive, have a great stage persona, dress the part and, obviously, be able to deliver the goods vocally. The ability to sing harmony as well as lead a plus. Also, if you play an instrument, also a plus. Please send any MP3s of your singing, videos, pics, FB page, etc. Show and tell us who you are! If chosen for an audition, you'll be paid $10 for gas money. Good deal, huh? If Alt Country, Americana and Roots Rock is/are your genre(s), give us a shout. Looking forward to hearing from you. Thanks!
Experienced Rhythm Section Seeks Alt Country Musicians/Singers
Posted by Bernie on December 11
Very experienced drummer and bassist seeking other musicians and singers to form an Alt Country/Americana/Roots Rock band. Looking to do the music of Son Volt, Steve Earle, Ryan Adams, Uncle Tupelo, Jason Isbell, Lucinda Williams, Kathleen Edwards, Dylan, Rodney Crowell, Bottle Rockets, Old 97s, EmmyLou, etc. etc. etc. Drummer works for a major music magazine and is a compensated endorser for a drum stick manufacturer and a custom in-ear monitor company. References from "name" drummers and drumming samples available. Bassist is rock solid, sings harmony, and also plays mandolin. As a rhythm section, he and the drummer lock in tight. Climate-controlled rehearsal space is safe, warm in winter, cool in summer, and equipped with PA, mics, monitors. Plug in and play. Looking for musicians/singers who LOVE this genre of music. Not interested in folks who will muddy the waters by pushing to come out of genre. (Example: "Can't we do some Stones, a few Beatles tunes, some CCR?") We're friendly, easy to work with, and would like to hunker down this winter and be ready for gigs come spring. One to two practices a week until we have our repertoire down pat. Must be willing to commit to this project ONLY if it works for you. Please, no musicians playing in multiple bands need apply. Start your New Year with a new band and the prospect of having fun with good people and putting a little folding $ in your pocket. If this is your genre, and you can deliver the goods, we're waiting to hear from you. Thanks!
Want to form a band???
Posted by Thomas on December 10
Greetings, I am a multifaceted musician from the Glens Falls area of NY looking for other musicians to play with, I play guitar, keys/synth, sing, and write songs. I am looking for open minded people who want to work together to find our musical identity and have fun making wonderful melodic noise together. As a solo artist, I mainly play acoustic, contemporary christian style of music but am open to other styles as well, the only item I am concerned with is too much swearing, that does turn me off if it is way overused. I also do not have a practice space and would have to meet you to practice, I have my own equipment and transportation. If you are looking for dedicated, open-minded, musical support I am your musician! Thank you!
Posted by Mike on December 5
Im a drummer who has played for years, bands I listen to, SOAD, Of Mice and Men, Bless the Fall, Nothingface. Protest the Hero. Im pretty versatile as I can also sing, or do back up vocals, I have all my own equipment and even a barn to practice in, I am pretty selective regarding who I would want to jam, with , my ultimate goal is to have an established band already in need of a drummer. Chops are good, ready to roll.
Any and all
Posted by Malcolm on October 23
Tired of the Same Old Sh*t? Always being asked to play crappy covers? You used to play in a band but stopped gigging a few years ago? You're tired of playing in your bedroom? Well, here's your chance to change all of that. I'm a bass player (but that doesn't mean that I'm not interested in you if you're a bass player, so keep reading). And I've been writing and arranging some songs recently, and would love to play them with a bunch of musicians that are not ass-holes, and now how to play with dynamics and feeling. If you're a super-fast shredder, that OK, but you'll need to understand the beauty of playing the spaces in between. Who was it that said that it's not the notes you play but the ones you don't. Miles, I think. Anyway - I'm an older white guy, and I've played bass in a gazillion rock bands over the years, mainly in NYC but also in my native England. I firmly believe that being in the rehearsal room, and on stage, with people I like is way more important than chops. Chemistry will create more magic than playing a zillion notes. I don't care how old you are, what your skin looks like, what sex you are, or any of that stuff. I'm looking for a core group of people who'd be interested in forming a band with the intention of playing live. Drums, guitars, keyboards, violin, uke, whatever. Even bass. If I find the right group of people, I'll just sing and let you all play. Don't expect to make much money. There's no money in original music. We'll be lucky if our rehearsal costs are met. (Do rehearsal rooms even exist in Albany? I'll confess that I don't know. We can always rehearse at my house outside of Albany.) I'm a flaming liberal, so if you voted for George Bush, we're not going to get along. (Sounds like an internet dating profile, doesn't it, and in a way, I suppose it is!) That said, I hate ALL politicians, almost without exception. And some of my songs are likely to touch on this subject. If this bothers you, please form your own band. By the way, I like pop songs. Nick Lowe and Elvis Costello are two who come to mind. I don't like drum solos, guitar solos that last more than two times around, and bass solos. Especially bass solos. Unless you're Mark King or Larry Graham. So tell me something about yourself. What you've done, if anything. What you're interested in getting into. I'd like to be ready to gig by the New Year, maybe sooner.
Rockin' Rob
Posted by rob on October 22
Looking for a band to join,or musicians to form a band with.I play sax,trumpet,flute,percussion and sing.I've been a working musician for many years.I play rock,blues,r&b,standards,top 40,etc. Just looking for a good situation.I have lighting and P.A. gear and am dedicated and dependable. on FB
Band leader
Posted by Dave on October 22
Popular working cover band in the Albany NY area, looking for a keyboard player. Our current player is phasing his way out, but he is a great friend, and will cover until we find someone to replace him. We are already mostly booked through 2015...between 85-95 shows per year. Some of the things that we are looking for are: 1) dependable 2) eager to work most weekends and some weekdays (and w/one practice per week) 3) good personality to mix with my band members 4) someone who is skilled at creating and sampling patches to match specific keyboard sounds of the originals (in addition to being good on piano and organ too) 4) a complimentary rhythm player to our bass and guitar players 5) someone who could play piano with our jazz combo during cocktail hour 6) ideally someone who can sing backups. Not a lot to ask, huh? LOL I am sure there are some great players out there!

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