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"What the hell. Everyone needs a bass player in this town." -Guzzo
Rockin' Rob
Posted by rob on October 22
Looking for a band to join,or musicians to form a band with.I play sax,trumpet,flute,percussion and sing.I've been a working musician for many years.I play rock,blues,r&b,standards,top 40,etc. Just looking for a good situation.I have lighting and P.A. gear and am dedicated and dependable. on FB
Band leader
Posted by Dave on October 22
Popular working cover band in the Albany NY area, looking for a keyboard player. Our current player is phasing his way out, but he is a great friend, and will cover until we find someone to replace him. We are already mostly booked through 2015...between 85-95 shows per year. Some of the things that we are looking for are: 1) dependable 2) eager to work most weekends and some weekdays (and w/one practice per week) 3) good personality to mix with my band members 4) someone who is skilled at creating and sampling patches to match specific keyboard sounds of the originals (in addition to being good on piano and organ too) 4) a complimentary rhythm player to our bass and guitar players 5) someone who could play piano with our jazz combo during cocktail hour 6) ideally someone who can sing backups. Not a lot to ask, huh? LOL I am sure there are some great players out there!
Open Hostility
Posted by Patrick on October 10
We are a thrash metal/hardcore band or crossover band if you want to call it that. We are looking for a bass player. We have many influences and if the person likes the style that is a plus but we are open to bass players that play other styles as well such as funk or jazz (ect.) and would like to see how things go. Person must be committed and down to earth and have an open mind. We are not looking for someone to play the same exact thing as the guitar but for someone to add their own flavor to what we are already doing without completely changing what we are trying to do. There will be alot of room to experiment and we are open to ideas. We play fast and we also play groovy and also have some melodic material we are getting around to working on. Hope to find someone one here. You can contact Patrick if interested at 518-788-0876 (leave a message or shoot a text if no answer) or on the open hostility facebook page which is our website. We are in between the ages 18-23. Thank you.
Cardiac Noose
Posted by Ike on September 15
Cardiac Noose seeks drummer
Experienced Rhythm Section Seeks Working Band or Pro Project
Posted by Bernie on August 28
Experienced Rhythm Section (bass & drums) seek serious project or working band. Favored genre: Alt Country/Modern Country/Country Rock & Roots Rock but open to other genres (but no metal, hip hop, or rap, please). Drummer has years of experience, drum gear endorsements, references from "name" drummers, and writes for Modern Drummer magazine. Seasoned Bass Player is also a "vet" of the Country/Country-Rock/Bluegrass scene. In addition to bass, he's also a fine mandolin player and sings high harmony. We've played together for over a year and lock-in tight. Prefer a female-fronted project/band....but not a deal-breaker. High priority on a strong work ethic, honesty, friendliness, and being a team player. We're used to 1 - 2 rehearsals a week...less once the band starts gigging. Hit us back if interested. Please mention "The Section" in your subject line. Thank you!

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