Beth Zaje - Episode 125
Season 10
Date Recorded
August 23, 2011

Dates Aired on Exit 97.7
February 24, 2012 at 9:30 PM
October 14, 2011 at 9:30 PM
September 2, 2011 at 9:00 PM

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Beth Zaje

Part 1 - Epsiode 113

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Beth Zaje (Part 2) - Episode 125
Beth Zaje...She's the girl next door or is she? Spend a few hours with her and you'll see what I mean. Beth is the most zestful, full of life, fearless of hard work teenagers you'll ever meet. She can't wait to roll up her sleeves and get her hands dirty. At the same time, she exudes the same warmth you would liken to being at grandma's house eating apple pie. Born and raised in little 'ol Gloversville, NY, Beth is a girl who had a dream, grew a desire, and formed a plan. All of this leads to one conclusion. She cannot only sing a song, she can sell it. If Beth were to be put on radio airwaves around the country, she would intrigue people to want to know the personality behind the voice. Once they do, dare I say, they'll be fans for life. With hope of being discovered, Beth started making homemade 'Youtube' performances from her bedroom. Manager, songwriter, and long time musician, Michael Bruce, made that discovery after getting a tip from a friend who saw her at a high school talent show. He knew she had the 'it factor' in her voice after she sang one line. Since Bruce's discovery, the two have been working non-stop at achieving their goals. Beth finally has the schedule she's always dreamed of. She is currently performing anywhere she can, gaining experience and confidence in her live presentation. She is also working endlessly on songs with her writing and production team for a full length album, full of hits. Beth studies with a voice coach and is also taking piano and guitar lessons. In the recent past, Beth has performed in a number of school musicals, plays, choirs and talent shows. The most recent lead performance was in December of 2009. She acted and sang in the musical 'Cinderella'. Also, out of thousands of submissions, Beth was placed in the top 40 for the 2009 'Pure Pop' competition. Anyone who has come in contact with Beth Zaje has witnessed all of her great qualities. If the musical powers that we be recognize these same qualities, there is no telling how far this small town 'jewel in the rough' teenager will go!

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