Idette and the Sunrunners - Episode 029
Season 2
Date Recorded
November 19, 2007

Date Aired on Exit 97.7
August 15, 2008 at 9:30 PM

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Idette and the Sunrunners - Episode 029
In the studio this week is Idette and the Sunrunners. They offer a contemporary sound filled with soft melodic tones and rhythm. Even if you are a hard rock music fan you will discover that these songs can be catchy at times. The band gets back to their roots with the release of their new album Little Jeffrey and Sarah Jane. The songs have a simple meaning on the surface but dig further and a deeper meaning will present itself. The album includes song tiles such as Frozen Wipers and Itchy Finger but there is more to it than just a direct title. They were able to play one live song in the studio and two from their album.

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